The One and Only Piece of Advice Needed for Moving Forward

There you sullenly stand again. Another missed opportunity. A now passed chance that will keep you awake tonight, wishing for a do-over.

This is not failure however. Failure implies you tried and took action. This is something more insidious and most commonly afflicts us who overthink. There’s virtue in taking time and considering options, but we fall into the vice of the opposite extreme and rationalize it by saying “Well, I was being cautious.”

That wasn’t caution. That’s inaction.

Whether the fears are real or imagined, we all have missed out on some chance in our lives due to letting ourselves be consumed by our worries and then analyzing the situation and potential outcomes to the point of rationalizing inaction over anything else. Even those who are the quickest to respond or act have had such moments in their lives. As rational creatures, thinking before acting is a natural response, even when watching the news which makes it looks otherwise.

How do we loosen the shackles of this “analysis paralysis”?

There’s one simple answer to this problem. In fact, it has even been spouted by corporations and entertainers so much that it has become a meme, and maybe this is why we no longer recognize it for the solution it is. This plain and simple answer is…


That’s it. There’s no other way forward in life than that. Any other method or paradigm you want to add to this simple method is icing. In fact, it’s so simple that people are initially upset when discovering this truth. Our grasping for more makes us assume that the answers to our problems in life must be as complicated as how we feel.

It’s not though.

Our tendency to overthink is what leads to over-complication in the first place, so finding the answers to be so obvious can be a bit unbelievable. It’s like stepping outside into a pleasant day after spending days inside a dark and cramped room.

We are returning to these simple yet profound answers. It will take some time still and of course people will have to sift for the actual wisdom in a bloated self-help market running with the latest fad of the industry, but this is one piece of wisdom you can immediately apply in your life and see results.

I know that I have, and I notice a night and day difference in mood and attitude when I actually take action and steer the ship best as I can, even if the outcome isn’t what I was hoping for. The bitter failure becomes a reinvigorating lesson, while the triumphs of success are all the sweeter because you took action and put in the effort.

Don’t take my word for it though. Just do it, and then you can experience it for yourself.



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